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We have almost all original classic Ferrari upholstery materials in stock, and much more.


At the HVL workshop, hood pads are made to exact classic specifications in all sizes and stitch patterns for every separate classic Ferrari type and series produced. We use the exact fire retardant classic products.

Upholstery Screws

A sample of the different upholstery screws we have.


Original yarn, normal and fire retardant. These are used in hood pads and more.

Metal FerrariUpholstery parts

Various metal upholstery parts, all Ferrari.

  • Alcantara in different colours used in the new cars and classic Maserati cars. In many colours available.
  • Aluminium which was made originally on the black top under felt (behind the seats of the 308/328 as a firewall).
  • Carpet Classic Wool with correct thickness and pile of woolthread made on the jute backing with the original white yarn woven into the jute, used on Classic Ferraris (360 possible colours).
  • Carpet Classic Wool for classic Alfa, Lancia and Fiat.
  • Carpet for the trunk, made in the original way with the jute backing and with the original white thread woven into the backing. Used for the 250 GTE, 330 cars and 365 GTC , 365 GT 2+2 and 365 GT4 Daytona plexy nose.
  • Carpet in the colour grey melange which was originally used in the 206, 246 Dino L-series, 275GTB and the 250 Lusso. Made in wool.
  • Carpet (trunk) loop pile for the Ferrari 275.
  • Carpet (trunk rough loop pile) used for the 246 Dino and the 365 GT4 Daytona later series.
  • Carpet vinyl binding material in different correct colours and grains.
  • Cheese cloth fire retardant.
  • Blue cloth used on the racing cars.
  • Dino 206 Headlining and early part (00630) of the 246 Dino with the special diamond pattern perforation in it. Ready to fix!
  • Dino 246 Headlining later than Chassis number 00630. With original square perforation in it. Ready to fix!
  • Dino 206/246 headlining material without perforation used for the sides of the 206/246 L- series Dino cars.
  • Dino headlining more rough in grain used in some of the USA 246 Dino cars with square perforation.
  • Dino headlining vinyl more rough in grain used in some of the USA 246 Dino cars without perforation.
  • Dino 246 seat cushion.
  • Dino 246 head rest cushion.
  • Dino 246 / Daytona door foil grey per set.
  • Dino 206/246 L- series Jackstrap.
  • Dino 246 E- and M series Jackstrap.
  • Classic headlining (250 Lusso, 250 GTE, 275GTB4, 250SWB and so on).
  • Daytona seating stripes 1st and 2nd series, cross hatch and leather look.
  • Daytona doorstripes.
  • Daytona seat cushion.
  • Daytona head rest cushion.
  • Daytona headlining
  • Ferrari 288GTO dashboard and door panel material.
  • Foam 1,4 mm non-crumbling fire retardant used under the leather (middle parts of the seats).
  • Foam 4 mm non-crumbling fire retardant used under door- and side panels, against the roof and under the leather of some middle consoles.
  • Foam 1,5 mm grey (used in the engine compartment of the Ferrari 328).
  • Foam 1 cm rubber black (used in the engine compartment of the 246 Dino).
  • Headlining original perforation classic for 250 GT Lusso, 275 GTB4 short nose and several 250 SWB Ferrari’s.
  • Headlining perforation 275 GTB long nose.
  • Headlining classic without perforation for the 330 GT 2+2, GTC, 365 GT 2+2, GTC, 250 GTE and a lot of sides of headlining of the 250 GTL, 275 and 250 SWB Ferrari’s.
  • Headlining vinyl F40.
  • Headlining beige striped cloth used for the 308 and 328.
  • Heelpad material used for the Lamborghini Countach (last roll).
  • Hooks used to fit the door panels on door frames of the 250GTE.
  • Jute material used in a lot of vintage Ferrari’s on the inside of the seats.
  • Latex foam 1 cm and 2 cm thick.
  • Mousehair used on the dashboards of the 206 and 246 Dino, the 365GTB4, 365GTC/4 ,365GT4 2+2, Lancia Stratos Lamborghini Countach.
  • Padding official black top under felt for under the carpet and under and behind the back seats of the GT 2+2 cars and under the rear window shelf.
  • Paper brown original used behind door panels, side panels and under the rear window shelf (water resistant).
  • Piping insert material in the correct thickness.
  • Pirelli webbing (original used on the in site of the seats of the Daytona, 250 Lusso, 275, 250SWB, Dino and others) Beige rubber.
  • Push buttons (used in the middle console for the 330 cars). Special classic Italian.
  • Push buttons. Stand up ring and flat ring specially for classic carpet.
  • Rubber matting used on the Kick plate of the 330 and 250GTE. Wide rib and small opening.
  • Rubber used for heel pads (wide rib ± 4 mm and small opening ± 2 mm) at the 250 cars and vintage cars.
  • Rubber matting diamond pattern used at different vintage Ferrari’s and Lancia B24 Carbriolet.
  • Rubber mattings small ribs used in some Daytona cars.
  • Seat inside yellow/brown elastic material used in the back of the seats of many classic Ferrari’s and inside the total Daytona and Dino seat.
  • Steering wheel insert for the Daytona.
  • Wire mesh cloth used for Daytona seats under the Daytona stripes black.
  • Wire mesh cloth used for the airvent opening in the side panels of the Daytona. With and some in black.
  • Wool cloth used in the trunk of the Daytona, Dino, 275GT/4, 250 GT Lusso and under the backseats of the 330 GT 2+2 and under the backseats of the 250 GTE.
  • Wool cloth used for classic headlining material – 50 colours available.
  • Wool cloth 3 mm thick, used on the side of the trunk of the Daytona and in the 212 Inter.
  • Velvet material used in the 308 Michelotto.
  • Vinyl, correct for the Lamborghini Miura backside of the seats Cross hatch pattern.
  • Vinyl original in grain, colour and finish for top of door and side panels used on the 330 GT 2+2 , GTC, GTS and 365 GTC cars.
  • Vinyl original in grain, colour and finish for the Ferrari 365GT4 Daytona.
  • Vinyl original in grain and finish for the 246 Dino in the colour black.
  • Vinyl original used in the boot of the 250 PF Coupe and Cabriolet.
  • Rib material used for seats of the 250 SWB cars – 20 colours available.
  • Pininfarina Cabrio hooding cloth.
  • Special Daytona Carpet underpadding with jute top
  • Daytona Headlining
  • Engine compartment insulation material for the Ferrari 328
  • Trunk Carpet made for the 212 and 250 Europa cars – COMING SOON!

We always try to find original items for your classic Ferrari upholstery.

About theMousehair

The Mousehair is newly made on the original machine by the original man who also made it 40 years ago. The old material had a fading figure of 3 on a scale of 1:8. Because of a special treatment of the raw materials, the new material has a fading figure higher than 7. We did also a rub/scratch test on the new material. We tested it on 1:20.000 and it was still perfect. The price of the Mousehair is €162,50 per running meter.

For the Daytona we supply 3 running meters because the structure has to run in the width of the car for the main dashboard. For the small cockpit where the clocks are, the structure runs in the length of the car.

For the 206 and the 246 Dino we supply 2 running meters because the structure of the material originally runs in the length of the car.

For the 365GTC/4 we supply about 6 running meters because the dashboard, centre console and the rear tray have to be done with the Mousehair.

For the 365 GT4 2+2 we also supply approximately 6 running meters.