Connolly Areameter

Comprehensively documented confidential factory archives, thousands of genuine old factory samples and hundreds of the original complete leather skins are selected in the HVL/Connolly collection.

Also, many old leather books, genuine bronze historic factory stamps, official Connolly photos from 1950/1951 made during interior restoration of the of the Royal Albert Hall, the British Throne, Cruisers, House of Lords / House of Commons and many others which were used in Connolly promotion brochures are part of HVL’s Connolly collection.

One of the crucial items which was used in historic days is the official Connolly Areameter which made the connection between how many meters were in a specific hide and the price which had to be paid by the customer. There was no skin with the same dimensions. All skins had to be measured separately with this specific measuring tool.