People sometimes ask me why I’m such a devoted classic Ferrari upholsterer. The explanation is simple: It’s always been my passion and pleasure to help people.

I started my profession 33 years ago and became a chief of an airplane safety and upholstery department. We had to use the Directorate-General as our guideline. Our mission was to NEVER do things without being convinced that whatever you do or whichever material you use is 100% correct. We used this Directorate-General and our Aviation Maintenance as an absolute guideline for our way of working. It’s simply not allowed to wait until things go wrong in serious and very responsible business.

Because I had always been passionate about classic cars, I exchanged aviation for classic Ferrari upholstery 26 years ago. During my time working at the aviation department I learned about materials and how to use them. While working on classic Ferrari's I also learned about the history of all classic carpet fabrics and correct classic leathers.

In the Ferrari upholstery restoration world I often see people taking the wrong decisions, like using the wrong materials. I cannot step aside and let this happen. All the work, leathers and fabrics are expensive and you only want to do a restoration once. When manufacturers enter the market with materials claiming they are correct, owners of classic cars should be confident that they are. We do everything to achieve this, the customers’ wish is our command.

Henk van Lith





HVL Exclusive Italian Interiors

HVL has been working in the upholstery branche for more than 32 years now. For more than 26 years, HVL is doing research to find originality of classic Ferrari interiors.

HVL Exclusive Italian Interiors became a well-respected company within the classic Ferrari world thanks to:

- The help of old classic Ferrari designers, very well-known Ferrari employees and well-respected judges worldwide.

- Our own knowledge of materials, craftsmanship and passion for Ferrari and our own original literature.

- Help from a very good friend, a friend of Enzo Ferrari, who owns all Ferrari documents which he saved carefully. HVL is always welcome to use his library to do research for originality.



HVL is very proud and thankful to have the possiblity to do work our work or develop and supply our classic materials for such kind of beautiful cars.

We use all possible and original information to do the best job while working on your classic Ferrari. HVL did work for and supplies to royalty, Ferrari driving VIP’s, but more importantly Ferrari collectors and enthusiasts with a real Ferrari heart worldwide.

Last but not least: HVL supplies the Ferrari Classic Department for their occasional demanding classic customer on special request.

For more information, please don't hesitate to contact HVL.