At HVL we jumped off the deep end because we did not want to disappoint customers who didn’t know where to go. Therefore we are very pleased that we saved and collected all original old classic samples and factory information.

To make classic leather in detail it is important to know the ingredients of the tanning procedure and the exact steps to ensure the correct finishing. Only then is it possible to achieve that special effect on the hide, that thickness of the hide, aroma, color, way of dyeing, after treatment, finish and even texture per period of time used for a specific classic car.

Together with a crew of very well-known people we are able to manufacture our leather completely identical to the original or like a well fitted suit, exactly to the wishes of our customers.



Before starting the treatment, it’s essential that you know the history of the leather and also the differences, such as:

  • The differences of Arbo Tan leather and when it was used
  • The looks of Franzi leather and the time period is was installed in cars
  • Until when the first Vaumol leather was used and the second time that Vaumol was introduced under the name 'Classic' and why people were disagreeing with this “new classic”
  • The reason of the text defending text printed on the second samples card of Connolly classic
  • Why Bridge of Weir leather was only used in certain cars
  • The reason of closing down all these factories


HVL uses authentic historical information, approximately 3000 original authentic samples and classic factory information to help our customers get the correct leather. It makes us proud that we succeed in providing our customers with classic car leather that is identical to the authentic leather. Exactly as it should be.


HVL Class Leather® compared to original old leather used in the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s

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